Vanilla Crazy Cake You Can Make With No Eggs, Milk, Or Butter


The craziest thing about this vanilla crazy cake is that there's no milk, eggs, or dairy! Perfect for those with allergies and delicious for everyone!


  1. Posted by marilynedewards, — Reply

    I have always made the chocolate version of this using coffee instead of water. It is so good! Always moist, easy to make and everyone loves it. Great with a strawberry sauce on top rather than icing.

  2. Posted by AllysVeganLife, — Reply

    You people are ridiculous! Don't knock till you try it. Crazy cakes happen to be very good. Not to mention they are naturally CRUELTY FREE and very easy to make.

  3. Posted by seg33159, — Reply

    Not that crazy. Most cakes don't have milk anyway and either use oil OR butter and this recipe has oil. So basically cake with no eggs. Good to try if out of eggs.

  4. Posted by apaguirre, — Reply

    Followed instructions but substituted vinegar (didn’t have any) for Apple cider, added chocolate chips, and added a bit of baking powder. Delicious! My husband asked how come all cakes don’t taste like this, he really liked it.😊

  5. Posted by daddydominic82, — Reply

    But it's likely if you add icing it will have butter and dairy. Notice there is no icing recipe! What kind of monster eats cake with no icing?! Lol

  6. Posted by marissagrady, — Reply

    I might try it in a pinch when I'm out of eggs. I have a chocolate cake recipe made about the same, just with cocoa, and it's one of my favorites.

  7. Posted by MollySue0719, — Reply

    My mom has made the chocolate version since I was just a baby and probably before. It’s delish and yes I have to agree don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s delicious

  8. Posted by momof3lostangel, — Reply

    I didn't care for this. Think I will have to keep with the dairy in my house though it does upset adult tummies. Hoping the buttercream icing will help.

  9. Posted by fwindzio, — Reply

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  10. Posted by ahboontje, — Reply

    I was really disappointed with the result of the vegan vanille cake. It was soggy and nog fluffy at all. The photo that was used for this recipy is ca nog be real.

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